Can CBD (cannabidiol) help in treating pain?

If you suffer from pain CBD can potentially help ease it!

Cannabidiol and the endocannabinoid system

There is a growing amount of studies and research in to the medical benefits of cannabidiol on the endocannabinoid system (see our previous post on what the endocannabinoid system is here).

Because of all the studies and research many people are now turning to CBD to help alleviate and treat a multitude of ailments and illness’s ranging from multiple sclerosis, severe epilepsy,  certain cancers,  pain and anxiety among others.

CBD has been overshadowed by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, probably the better known compound in certain strains of cannabis. This is because unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce a psychoactive high (so you do not feel “stoned”. However CBD has been known to have anti-epileptic, anti-spasmodic, antipsychotic and anti-anxiety, properties. (read our previous post on CBD and anxiety here)

There are of course lots more potential benefits for CBD (and THC!) and studies and research will long continue.

Vaping CBDeaze delivers totally organic cannabidiol through the buccal membranes in the mouth, and while we make no health claims about our CBD eliquid the growing amount of scientific research reflects both the health and medicinal benefits of CBD.

CBD has been shown to relieve pain and inflammation.

There is a staggering amount of people who suffer from chronic and constant pain which represents a massive public health issue Worldwide!

Studies show that CBD has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the CB1 receptor in the humans endocannabinoid system which can help ease chronic pain and inflammation, although we do not make any heath claims in to our eliquid we have in fact many people who vape CBDeaze report back to us that it helps with easing their ailments such as backpain, headaches etc as well as those who suffer from more severe pain such as multiple sclerosis (MS) and muscular pain issues in general.

Sources and studies: NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information)

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