What is cannabis?

Cannabis Leaf
Cannabis leaf

Cannabis is a genus of a flowering plant which includes three different species within the “family” sativa, indica and ruderalis but all come under the Cannabaceae family.

For thousands of years this simple plant has been used for a multitude of applications (and no not just to get people high or stoned) it has been used for hemp fibres and oils for medicinal purposes, it has been selectively grown for various reasons and it continues to grow wild mainly in the Central Asian and Indian subcontinent and many tropical and humid parts of the World.

In this blog post we will focus on the three different species and how they differ from each other.

Cannabis sativa and indica are probably the best known of these three, with some studies suggesting that the sativa strain has higher levels of CBD (cannabidiol) and lower THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) whereas the indica variety is the opposite with higher THC (the pyschoactive compound which give that high feeling)  and lower CBD. There is a suggestion that higher CBD to THC strains are less likely to cause anxiety and in our previous blog post we discussed studies showing that CBD (such as the CBD used in our cannabidiol eliquid) can potentially help relive anxiety. Both strains are used for a variety of reasons, including industrial (hemp fibre etc), medicinal (medical marijuana) and recreational (for the feeling) use.

Cannabis Ruderalis is a lesser known and certainly less common variety, and produces only trace amounts of THC and is very rarely used for industrial, medicinal or recreational use, in fact is mainly used in Russian and Mongolian folk medicine for treating depression as it originates from Central Russia.

CBDeaze is a cannabidiol eliquid formulated in the UK, containing no nicotine. It’s main purpose is to give vapers an alternative choice of eliquid over current nicotine eliquids.

It contains 100mg of organic CBD so you can enjoy a tasty all day vape with the potential health benefits of cannabidiol without the high feeling.

Read our previous blog post where we discuss the differences of hemp vs. marijuana.

Marijuana plant
Marijuana Vs Hemp do you know the difference?







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