What are synthetic cannabinoids?

synthetic cannabinoids lab
Synthetic Cannabinoids are man-made in a laboratory

Being at the forefront of of research in to cannabinoids for our CBD eliquid and working with them day in day out we are very much aware of the synthetic variety, what they are and where they come from!

We are also very much aware of how dangerous synthetic cannabinoids can be!

In our previous blog post we talked about what cannabinoids are

But what exactly are synthetic cannabinoids?

Synthetic cannabinoids are essentially man-made and in certain instances mind-altering chemicals that mimic natural cannabinoids  found in cannabis and hemp and are sometimes sprayed on dried, shredded plant material so they can be smoked (previously sold as legal highs or more commonly known as spice in the UK) or sold as liquids which can be vaped or used as tinctures.

However organic natural cannabinoids and the synthetic kind are totally different because often they are “supersized” and made stronger then those found normally in marijuana or hemp and because of this fact, they may affect the brain much more powerfully and the actual effects can be unpredictable and, in some cases, severe or fatal.

Watch this short but powerful video from VICE about how synthetic “marijuana” can affect people

Here at CBDeaze we know there are so called CBD eliquids made with synthetic cannabidiol which are blatantly being sold at often cheap pricing (organic cannabidiol is not a cheap product hence why our cannabidiol ejuice is more expensive then your average nicotine based eliquid) with no thought nor care for where it ends up and if it potentially is dangerous for them – for these companies it is purely a profits game, with them jumping on “bandwagon” of this legitimate revolution to the vaping World, nicotine free organic cannabidiol eliquids available in the UK.

To read more about us, view our product liability status, our latest eliquid analysis or the official statement from the UK Home Office on the legal status of cannabidiol just click here

We always have and always will use 100% organic and natural cannabidiol in all of our products and will continue the fight against synthetic cannabinoids and further push and support the studies in to the valid health benefits of organic cannabinoids found in both the cannabis and hemp plant. We are not a “legal high” in fact vaping CBDeaze will not get you high or give you a stoned feeling (this is the THC element not CBD) it does however offer an alternative vaping experience with the added benefits of totally natural CBD.


The National Institute Of Drug Abuse – www.drugabuse.gov

Thanks also to VICE if you have not already checked out their fantastic range of documentaries, news and stories on YouTube do so by clicking here




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